Nara, once the capital of Japan over 1,300 years ago today sees approximately 17 million tourists from abroad yearly. 


Nara Motion plans to connect you with the very finest in hotels, restaurants, bars, nightlife, services and whole range of categories to make your next trip to Nara one of the top highlights of your visit to Japan.

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Japan and particular Nara's summers are hot and humid with Nara being one of the hottest prefectures in Japan. 


Nara Motion will introduce you to a tonne of places to cool off this summer whether it be for a swim, cold summer treats like somen noodles and shaved ice, or just somewhere to beat the heat.

Summer has many great fireworks festivals, and chances to dress in traditional summer garbs like yukata and jinbei.

Set your trip in motion!


Our custom map will leave you wanting for nothing more.

Highlighted below are just a handful of locations and services listed for your convenience.

Download the map offline and save yourself hundreds of pamphlets and booklets, and let the mobile version navigate you. 

We are constantly updating it, please bookmark it for future reference and the updates will be automatic.

Find the perfect room and price to suit your budget from many hotels, guesthouses and hostels.
Eating Out
Restaurants, lunch and breakfast spots. All your price range and culinary needs covered.
Bars & Nightlife
Bars, pubs, lounges. Everything for the night owl.
Cafes & Patisseries
Cafes, patisseries, candy outlets and anything else to satisfy that craving sweet tooth.
UNESCO, Temples & Shrines
Enough spiritual locations to last 10 lifetimes.
Festivals & Events
Colorful pageantry, deep rooted traditions, and anything culturally in between.
Seasonal Sightseeing Spots
Nara's distinct 4 seasons all mapped out for you.
Tourist Information Centers
Money exchange, travel advice, lost your way? Not any more.
Hot Springs & Bath Houses
Soak those sightseeing pains away.
Trains, buses, taxis, highways, toll booths, bicycle rental. Whatever you need to move around with.
Museums & Attractions
Exhibitions, live music venues and whole lot more entertainment.
Nature & The Outdoors
Explore and enjoy Nara's natural wonders.
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We have partnered with many of the best places in Nara.


Exclusive to Nara Motion, see what's in motion around Nara and pick up some great deals on just about anything.

Book online, then go to venue you

selected, show them the digital receipt we provide and away you go!

Super easy, super popular.


See you in Nara soon!


NOV 2019



Time your next trip to Nara to coincide with many of our major events, seasonal foods, and best of all seasonal flowers and foliage!

With one easy to see timeline, we're hoping to see you in Nara shortly


Our pens are in motion, too.

Read our articles to get an in depth and greater understanding of Japan, and particularly Nara as seen through the eyes of expats who have lived here for more than 15 years. 

Culture, history, transportation, things of interest and many more topics await.

Happy reading!

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